The Fremont County Chamber Orchestra, is a  volunteer-based music ensemble in Fremont County, CO, composed of string instrument players dedicated to creating beautiful music. Founded over thirty years ago by local music teachers, the orchestra has been committed to providing opportunities for aspiring musicians to showcase their talents and explore the world of orchestral music.

Since its inception, the orchestra has weathered various transformations and challenges, including the global pandemic that forced a hiatus from December 2019 until May 2023. After rebranding as the Fremont Chamber Orchestra in the summer of 2022, the focus has shifted towards fostering community and fun through music, which has attracted both new and returning members.

As the Fremont Chamber Orchestra continues its journey, it remains dedicated to providing an enjoyable and engaging musical experience for its members and the community. Through its commitment to fun, community, and the power of music, the orchestra looks forward to further enriching the cultural landscape of Fremont County and beyond.

Instruments in Our Orchestra:

  • Violin
    The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the string family. It has a beautiful and versatile sound and is played by drawing a bow across the strings or by plucking them with the fingers.
  • Viola
    Slightly larger than the violin, the viola produces a warm and mellow tone. It is played in a similar manner to the violin but has a deeper and richer sound due to its larger size and lower tuning.
  • Cello
    The cello is a larger instrument played while seated, with its body supported between the musician’s legs. It has a rich and resonant sound and is played by using a bow or plucking the strings with the fingers.
  • Double Bass Also known as the upright bass, the double bass is the largest and lowest-pitched instrument in the string family. It has a deep and powerful sound and is typically played while standing or seated on a tall stool. The player can use a bow or pluck the strings with their fingers.

The orchestra rehearses every Monday and performs 2-3 concerts per year with the goal of promoting musical awareness and appreciation among our members and the public. We invite string instrument players of all levels to join us and contribute to the community through music. If you are interested in joining our group or want to learn more about the Fremont Chamber Orchestra, we encourage you to reach out to us. We are here to provide you with all the information you need to take the next step in your musical journey.